Thursday, October 21, 2004


"Stupid is forever, ignorance can be fixed. " ~don wood

you would think that the stupid ones could be fixed--you know have them learn something--a fun fact or an important date in history.

but its the ignorant ones that are able to learn from being stupid.

at least the ignorant ones have some hope....

Monday, October 11, 2004


there are a few lines in this song that i like and it makes me think about sleeping each time i hear it:

"As im all by myself tonight, not again, not again. And dont it feel alright. And dont it feel so nice. Lovely."

whether it is in reference to simply staying in on a friday night watching tv by yourself, or going to bed alone--lately whenever im getting ready to rest my eyes this line pops up into my mind...

i used to want to be held each night before i went to bed. lately im finding peace in the simplicities [and in the complexities] of being alone. sleeping alone. i can spread out in my own bed....its just a twin, but its perfect for me. sometimes i still yearn for arms around me. but more so than not, im enjoying tossing and turning--alone. it may seem to some people that its a sad line; being "by myself tonight." but thats where the simplicities and complexities come into play.

its an oxymoron, really. the complexities may seem more obvious, being alone; again; which means it occurs more than once. most would take that as a negative--a sad thing--being alone. but the simplicities; the peacefulness, of just being at ease, asleep, dreaming in my own me that is the positive. its simple.

it does feel alright. it does feel so nice.

that one line: "lovely." it is.

thanks mraz

Friday, October 01, 2004

things to do

run in circles in the sand then fall and roll around in it and then throw the sand up in the air and let it fall all over you. laugh. cry. call your exes. reconcile with enemies. call home. write your siblings a letter. lightening bugs: catch them. BBQ's. concerts. vacations. write a book. butterfly exhibits at the zoo--wear hairspray and perfume so they come to you. moon walks. dance in the hallways at school. go back to the very first house you ever lived in. watch home movies. rake leaves and jump in them with a kid. shovel the snow for your parents. take an airplane flight alone and then get off and take a vacation by yourself. meet new strangers. sit at a bar alone. go to see a sad movie alone and cry. bring a friend to get your carwashed. buy a poster of your favorite singer and put it on your door. email friends from elementary school. write a thank you card to one of your teachers. visit your highschool. go to your high school's homecoming football game. play with the puppies at the humane society. befriend a 13 year old. jump in a pool with your clothes on. do a keg stand. body surf. parasail. go to wisconsin with a group of friends. do things in the name of love. trust your heart. believe in fate and destiny. learn one new thing each day. vote. buy an old car. take your parents out to dinner. make a neckalce out of beads and wear it out. paint your walls and get dirty. color easter eggs and hide them even if its for yourself. bonfires. kiss in public. cook dinner by using your grandma's recipies. visit the country your ancestors are from. go to a minor league baseball game. watch fireworks. on your birthday tell everyone that its your special day. go to a seafood restaurant. try a liquid cocaine shot. be the first one on the dance floor. call a radio station and request a song. enter contests. live. have a pet. take a nap in a park. play on a playground. volunteer--be philanthropic. visit a nursing home and listen to their stories they want to share. try. fail. smile. eat. drink kool-ade. drink beer on the train.....more to be added later.......