Tuesday, March 22, 2005

one of the best conversations....

one of the best conversations and i dont know why. but i had this one tonight with who else but amy j, and it just made me think:

VanSteph2: i miss college.
AmyDMB1: me too
VanSteph2: i was just thinking about like...id be at where else right now, or doing something more fun than this, or getting a den pop, or in the bum, or....
VanSteph2: and i just kinda want to go back, right now.
AmyDMB1: yep i know
AmyDMB1: we cant though
AmyDMB1: and anyway, its not the same as we remember you know
AmyDMB1: i always think i miss it but if i was back there, it wouldnt be fun
AmyDMB1: all my friends are gone
VanSteph2: true...i guess i miss college when it was normall...
VanSteph2: like i miss college when we were all there.
VanSteph2: like...i dont miss purdue...i mean i do...but i guess its more right to say i miss "college" or the "college years"
VanSteph2: than to say "i miss purdue"
AmyDMB1: yeah i know
VanSteph2: bc i can always go back there, but it will never be the same as how i remember it.
AmyDMB1: i regret graduating
VanSteph2: me too.
VanSteph2: i want it to be like the year 2002
VanSteph2: or even 2003
VanSteph2: 2003 is better. haha
VanSteph2: i wasnt with **** then.
AmyDMB1: yeah dang
AmyDMB1: i wish we could go back
VanSteph2: me too.
VanSteph2: time travel, haha.
VanSteph2: and even though its annoying, i miss agd too.
VanSteph2: it was a good time.
VanSteph2: and the bus, and going out. hahaha, even when werent 21...and just went to apt./house parties.lol
AmyDMB1: haha yep

this just made me think, how much i truly miss college. i wish i could go back in time, literally, and do it all over again. if i could...i wouldnt change a thing either. but if i could change a few things...i know what they would be.... ;)